Theres no parade, but we've got house floats


One of our favorite events each year during Fiesta is the King William Parade. It’s quirky and fun, and it feels like our Lavaca and Friends neighborhood.

So we were, of course, disappointed to learn that — thanks to the pandemic — we’d be going one more year without it.

Thankfully, we’re getting an alternative.

We won’t have any parade floats, but we’re getting the next best thing: House floats.

About seventy residents of the Lavaca, King William, Roosevelt, and Lonestar neighborhoods are turning their homes into decorated ‘floats’ for the ten-day period that, in ordinary years, would have seen the whole city partying for the annual Fiesta celebration.

The idea came from New Orleans, where the city organized house floats to fill the hole left by Mardi Gras. King William Association’s Lisa Lynde is from New Orleans, and she thought the idea would translate well into a replacement for the usual neighborhood parade.

Lisa and the team that would ordinarily do the Fair and the Parade — Syeira Budd and Alicia Spence-Schlesinger — kicked it around internally and with the King William Cultural Arts Committee and then got Cherise Rohr-Allegrini of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association involved.

“We’ve had some group calls,” Lisa says, “but we’ve decided to keep this all very simple.”

There’s no theme. There are no official guidelines. We expect that decorations will range from simple to complex, from traditional to — of course — quirky.

Lisa hopes that, in the absence of the usual Fair and Parade, the house floats will bring some people into the neighborhood over that ten-day period, that they’ll walk around, stop somewhere for food or a drink, and generally enjoy the neighborhood.

The event is scheduled for April 15 through April 25.

If you’d like to participate, you can still sign up. There’s no fee for signing up, but signing up will get you listed on the web map that serves as a guide to the event.

We’ve included links in the footnotes below for the map and for the signup form.

Footnotes, if any

Here’s the registration form.

Here’s the map.

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