There is coffee again at 1102 South Alamo

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A lot of us were saddened when Eleven-O-Two closed up the business at 1102 South Alamo. But the space has an occupant again -- The Jewel -- and it's making a comeback.

We stopped by this morning, had a cup of coffee, and spoke to Aaron Hernandez. He told us that The Jewel is starting out as a coffee-and-pastries spot, open daily from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM, but they're working to get their liquor license, and once that's approved, they'll have a full bar and be open all day.

By the time they've got the liquor license, they also expect to have a food truck on-site.

Meanwhile, the big front yard at 1102 South Alamo has again sprouted tables, chairs, and umbrellas for comfortable, socially-distanced relaxation and conversation.

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The Jewel at 1102 South Alamo

The Jewel at 1102 South Alamo

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The Jewel

Start your morning with coffee and pastries, and head back later in the day for wine, beer, cocktails and light food... all in the spacious, shady front yard of The Jewel (or in the back courtyard!).