SAWS offers map outlining water boiling areas - still in effect here


SAWS released a notice on Saturday that its water boiling notice had been lifted for large parts of San Antonio, but not for the center of the city. Both Lavaca and King William are still under the notice. SAWS also offered a map that residents can use to check the current status of their address.

Earlier this week, due to a severe drop in water pressure caused by a combination of heavy usage and electrical blackouts, SAWS put San Antonio on notice that its residents should boil water before drinking it or using it for cooking.

According to SAWS, the water has been tested and found to be safe in large swaths of northern and western San Antonio. Testing is continuing in other areas.

Once the notice is lifted, SAWS cautions that residents should flush pipes and ice makers at least once before using the water for drinking or cooking.

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Here's the SAWS map showing the current status of the boil notice throughout the city. And here's the SAWS announcement from Saturday.

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