Pig Liquor is moving again, but this time is different

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Pig Liquor has bounced around the neighborhood for more than a decade, most recently landing in an historic home on South Presa, in the first block below César Chávez.

It's about to move again, but this time the move will be quite a bit different.

Pig Liquor's first location was on South Presa at Eager. After a couple of years there, owner Anet Alaniz moved the business to a storefront location on South St. Mary's, just below César Chávez.

Then, a couple of years ago, Pig was pushed out of that space to make room for Maverick and ended up on South Presa, more or less in El Mirador's back yard.

Now it needs to move again, to make way for the new Rosario's.

But this time, the whole building will move. Rosario's owner, Lisa Wong, is preserving the historic house in which Pig Liquors operates. She is moving it south by one hundred feet or so.

Pig Liquors will close while that move takes place, Anet says. Officially, the move is supposed to take thirty days, but Anet is expecting it to take longer. Before she closes, she plans to sell off her beer and wine inventory.

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