Pharm Table almost ready to move into new space

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Renowned restaurant Pharm Table is close to opening in its new location in the Steel City Pops building at Alamo and St. Mary’s.

In the meantime, the restaurant is operating out of a food truck parked at that address.

We spoke to chef Elizabeth Johnson on Saturday. She told us that she is just a couple of weeks away from opening in the new space. Buildout of the space is nearly finished.

Chef Johnson is well-known for creating a menu based on healthful eating principles that is both creative and delicious. Before this move, Pharm Table was located for many years in the Radius, near Tobin Center.

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Find more information at the Pharm Table website or Facebook page.

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Pharm Table

Enjoy healthy, delicious food and drinks at this Southtown eatery! "We are dedicated to re-inventing health food to produce something flavorful, diverse and inspiring... New customers often come back two days in a row because of the balanced health and vitality they feel after discovering Pharm Table."