New place at 1102 South Alamo has staying power


A lot of people were surprised at how quickly the popular business Eleven-O-Two came and went. During the pandemic, it became popular for its abundant and socially-distanced outdoor seating, both for morning coffee and evening wine and beer.

Its replacement in the space, The Jewel, may have more staying power.

We spoke this morning with Ron Cravens, part of The Jewel’s ownership and management team. Ron is experienced in the restaurant business, serving for fifteen years as general manager of a high-end Italian restaurant in Atlanta before moving to San Antonio.

He's bringing both that experience and that restaurant's financial backing with him to The Jewel.

Ron says that the owners of the Atlanta business are partners in The Jewel, giving him and fellow partner Aaron Hernandez the capability of surviving their start-up period.

During that start-up phase, they're working to get a liquor license and adding to their food menu. The liquor license is probably still a couple of months away. Light food is underway, Ron says, including sandwiches, salads in a jar, and acai bowls from Pingo de Mel Brazilian Bakery.

Part of their business plan, Ron says, is event hosting. They've already booked several events -- celebrations of life and a wedding reception -- that will utilize all or part of their space; and they're working with a pair of local restaurants, Azuca and Piatti, to provide event catering.

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Light food is coming from Pingo de Mel Brazilian Bakery.  

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The Jewel at 1102 South Alamo

The Jewel at 1102 South Alamo

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The Jewel

Start your morning with coffee and pastries, and head back later in the day for wine, beer, cocktails and light food... all in the spacious, shady front yard of The Jewel (or in the back courtyard!).