More information on the KW Fair cancellation


Syeira Budd, the Director of the King William Fair, got back to us this afternoon to provide some additional information about the Fair’s cancellation and about a possible alternative event.

There were several considerations that led the board of the King William Association to cancel, Syeira told us.

Community health and safety was a top priority, she said, because “the Fair and Parade are held in a very unique event venue – a residential neighborhood welcoming upwards of 30,000 people, who crowd together on the streets, in the parks, and on private property to celebrate in close proximity over the course of one day.”

While she expressed her hope that we’ll be clear of the pandemic by then, it’s not a certainty. (We at Lavaca and Friends have attended both the Fair and the Parade many times in the past, and we can attest that social distancing is not very practical at either event -- see the Fair photo at the top of our Events page.)

Another factor in the board’s decision was a realistic evaluation of San Antonio’s typical June weather.

“A typical Fair Day at the end of April presents enough challenges due to warm or downright hot weather,” Syeira pointed out. “A Fair Day two months later in June is certain to be hotter and even more challenging.”

Syeira also pointed to a possible alternative way to celebrate -- 'house floats'.

“Several neighbors in Lavaca and King William have been inspired by the Mardi Gras house floats in New Orleans to create our own House Float Parade to honor the spirit of the King William Fair and Parade,” she told us.

“There’s been lots of recent chatter among neighbors who are interested in decorating their houses for safe and socially-distanced viewing by the public over several days in April.”

“We're looking at the dates of April 15 through the 25th for that event," Syeira said, "and folks will be able to walk, bicycle, or drive through our neighborhoods at their leisure to enjoy the creatively decorated houses.”

The first meeting to plan that event is happening this week, Syeira told us. People who would like to register their homes as a possible participant can do so on the King William Association website (see footnotes for a link).

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