Has Eleven O Two closed for good?

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For the past few weeks, if you’ve tried to stop at Eleven O Two for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, you’ve been out of luck.

A sign out front says that they’re closed for repairs, and that’s what the Eleven O Two Facebook page says, too.

We’ve just learned from a pretty reliable source, however, that Eleven O Two may have closed its doors for good. We contacted the business via its Facebook page and email, but we have not yet heard anything back.

This will be a big loss for the neighborhood and for us personally. Micky, Jane’s pup, still tries to take us there every morning. Yesterday, in fact, he tried to take us twice during a single walk. We’ve decided not to tell him about this until we get solid confirmation. He will be heartbroken.

For a lot of people, Eleven O Two provided a place to feel almost free of the pandemic. With widely spaced outdoor seating, it offered a safe place to socialize, a place to get out for the evening and enjoy yourself. If it’s really gone, it’s going to be missed.

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Eleven O Two - CLOSED


Enjoy fresh brewed coffee in the morning, a nice selection of wines later in the day, and light food -- all on the beautiful grounds with tables and seating sections arranged for safe social distancing.