H-E-B stores getting closer to normal

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The H-E-B South Flores Market was closed on Saturday, but it's scheduled to re-open on Sunday. H-E-B stores across San Antonio are working their way back to normal. According to the H-E-B website, all local stores will be open Sunday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

(See the link below, in footnotes, for H-E-B's official web page for special store hours announcements).

We checked out the Nogalitos store late Saturday afternoon (around 4 PM) and found the shelves to be a lot more loaded than we expected. There were a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, a decent amount of meat, including chicken, ground beef, and some steak, and there was also some fresh salmon.

There were absolutely no eggs, and milk was in short supply. But there were plenty of bottled beverages.

In fact, there were only two things on our list (put together before the snow and deferred) that we weren't able to find -- eggs and red peppers (we substituted yellow peppers).

There were a lot of shoppers, but the store wasn't unusually crowded.

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H-E-B is keeping an updated listing of store hours on a special 'winter weather' page.

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