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The Parks and Recreation Department offers free neighborhood fitness classes every week at both Labor Street Park and the Commander's House. The classes last 45 minutes.

The Labor Street classes are aimed at beginners, according to the instructor, Shannon Villanueva, while the Commander's House classes are more advanced.

In the Labor Street classes, "we touch on basic exercises, things like squats, pushups, curls. We do a little bit of running, jogging, walking. Things that are geared toward people who are just starting their fitness journey. Today we're doing a circuit. Sometimes we do interval training -- just get our heart rates up and down, up and down. We mix it up every time. I try to introduce something new every time."

The classes at the Commander's House have the same structure, but they're more advanced. Shannon calls the program at the Commander's House a 'Boot Camp' class. "But I can scale it back and modify it," she says, to better fit the people who attend.

Instructors provide all the equipment used in the classes.

The Labor Street class meets at the exercise installation in the northeast corner of the park every Thursday at 8:30 AM.

Commander's House classes meet Wednesday's at noon on the park lawn.

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Labor Street Park Fitness Class Flyer

This is a flyer promoting the city's weekly fitness classes at Labor Street Park

Commanders House Fitness Class Flyer

This is a flyer that promotes the city's weekly fitness class at the Commander's House

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