Eleven O Two hopes to re-open in a new location

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As we've reported previously, neighborhood coffee and wine bar Eleven O Two has shut down. However, they've just provided us with an update on their plans.

'Yes closed for good at this location. The company will continue online for now with our coffee and cakes but at a new location soon. Will keep the public aware of our new location when all is ready to go.'

The Eleven O Two Facebook page has been updated to include a similar message:

'While our doors are closing here, we hope to reopen them again at a new location,' the message says.

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See our earlier Scribble reporting on the closing.

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Eleven O Two - CLOSED


Enjoy fresh brewed coffee in the morning, a nice selection of wines later in the day, and light food -- all on the beautiful grounds with tables and seating sections arranged for safe social distancing.