Chef Rene of Azuca is planning a new tapas restaurant

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Chef Rene Fernández is working to open a new tapas, beer, and wine restaurant just up the street from his Azuca Nuevo Latino restaurant on South Alamo.

Hola! Southtown will be located at the corner of Martinez and South Alamo, in the building previously occupied by the Dreamweaver florist. In addition to indoor seating, the restaurant has ample space next to the building for a patio with outdoor seating.

Chef Rene says he is designing the space to accommodate rotating works by local artists.

During the week, dining will be accompanied by recorded jazz. On weekends, there will be live acoustic music.

Hola! is currently working its way through the permitting process and does not yet have a planned opening date.

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Hola! is the new place from Azuca's Chef Rene

Chef Rene Fernández of Azuca

Chef Rene Fernández of Azuca

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