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There’s nothing like comfort food during a pandemic, and the neighborhood just got a big dose with the opening of Oh Yeah Cakes at 713 South St. Mary’s. Owner Lori Hernandez offers both custom and ready-made cakes and cupcakes.

We tried half a dozen of the cupcakes, and we’ll testify to the comforting goodness.

Lori relocated here from Olmos Park, where she’d operated since 2012. But she's got a long connection to this part of town -- she lives here, and she both attended and taught classes at Say Sí -- so she’s been eager to have her business here.

When she started out, she simply couldn’t afford it, she told us, but once she started to outgrow her tiny space in The Yard Shopping Center, she began looking for space in Southtown.

“When this spot became available, I was super excited about it — just to be in the neighborhood,” she told us.

The new space offers lots of new possibilities.

The kitchen is quite a bit bigger, and she and her staff are just beginning to explore what they can do with that extra space. She’s also got room now for a refrigerated display case, which she didn’t have in the old location. That gives her the ability to prepare and stock ready-made cakes.

“We're just doing two ready-made cake sizes -- a round six inch and a round eight inch," Lori says. "We’re keeping them small, because most people are asking for small cakes right now. We're doing standard flavors, like our signature flavors… lemon raspberry, cookies-and-cream, strawberry love, a confetti cake. We're keeping it simple. We'll probably expand it once we get a little bit more of a handle on things here…. it's kind of different in the bigger space. We're trying to figure out what else we can do.”

In the new location, she’s also got space for a bit of seating. At the moment, the only seating is a pair of tables out front on the sidewalk, but there’s room inside for several tables as well, once she can set them up safely. The shop interior also has a lot of open wall space, and Lori plans to use it to display art from students at local schools.

If you’d like to try the cupcakes, you can just drop in anytime, Tuesday through Saturday, between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Singles are $2.75, but there are discounts for quantity — at a dozen, the price is $2.25 each. Ready-made cakes are $35 (six inch) and $45 (eight inch). For custom cakes, speak directly to Lori — she’s the artist who works with you to design them. She recommends texting her as a good way to share ideas and photos.

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Visit the Oh Yeah Cakes website. Note: Oh Yeah accepts Apple Pay.

Gustavo Garcia serves a customer at Oh Yeah Cakes

Gustavo Garcia serves a customer at Oh Yeah Cakes

Oh Yeah owner Lori Hernandez

Oh Yeah owner Lori Hernandez

Some of the cupcakes at Oh Yeah Cakes

Some of the cupcakes at Oh Yeah Cakes

Oh Yeah owner Lori Hernandez

Oh Yeah owner Lori Hernandez in shot taken during Zoom interview.

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