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Neighborhood notes

Scribbles is our neighborhood news feature. Once we get rolling, we plan to update it every day. If you've got a news tip, we'd like to hear from you -- just use our contact form to get in touch. We want to know about business openings and closings, new chefs, new features of existing businesses. We're still feeling our way, so let us know what you think.

- Jim Feuerstein

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The Jewel now has a full bar

The Jewel finally has a liquor license. The license was approved just a few days ago, according to managing partner Ron Cravens, and he immediately began to order supplies.

"We're now serving wine and drinks," Ron told us on Sunday morning. "Martinis, mimosas, whatever you want. We're already serving."

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Pig Liquor is moving again, but this time is different

Pig Liquor has bounced around the neighborhood for more than a decade, most recently landing in an historic home on South Presa, in the first block below César Chávez.

It's about to move again, but this time the move will be quite a bit different.

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Free weekly fitness classes

The Parks and Recreation Department offers free neighborhood fitness classes every week at both Labor Street Park and the Commander's House. The classes last 45 minutes.

The Labor Street classes are aimed at beginners, according to the instructor, Shannon Villanueva, while the Commander's House classes are more advanced.

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City Council runoff voting is underway

The runoff election to choose between the top two council candidates from districts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9 has begun. No council candidate in those districts achieved a majority, so the top two contenders in each district are on the ballot again. In District 1, that's incumbent Richard Trevino and challenger Mario Bravo.

Polls are open Monday through Saturday (May 24 through May 29) and Tuesday (June 1) for early voting. Election Day is Saturday, June 5.

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Liberty Bar patio has opened

We've all been watching the progress on Liberty Bar's new front-yard patio, and it's finally ready to go.

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The parade has begun

There’s no King William Parade this year, but we’ve got house floats

Thanks to the pandemic, one of the neighborhood’s most popular events is cancelled again this year. However, in its place, the King William Association (KWA) and the Lavaca Neighborhood Association (LNA) have organized a New Orleans-style ‘house floats’ display.

The ‘parade’ kicks off today.

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Theres no parade, but we've got house floats

One of our favorite events each year during Fiesta is the King William Parade. It’s quirky and fun, and it feels like our Lavaca and Friends neighborhood.

So we were, of course, disappointed to learn that — thanks to the pandemic — we’d be going one more year without it.

Thankfully, we’re getting an alternative.

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Bar Loretta is getting closer

Bar Loretta is taking over the old Madhatters space on Beauregard, just off South Alamo Street, and it’s starting to shape up.

We spoke with owner Roger Herr late Saturday afternoon. He gave us a walkthrough of the space and talked about his vision for creating a real neighborhood spot — one that he can walk to from his home on King William.

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We now have a Facebook page

Lavaca and Friends now has a Facebook page. When we publish something important here, we'll post an announcement on that page, so you might want to check it out and follow us.

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New place at 1102 South Alamo has staying power

A lot of people were surprised at how quickly the popular business Eleven-O-Two came and went. During the pandemic, it became popular for its abundant and socially-distanced outdoor seating, both for morning coffee and evening wine and beer.

Its replacement in the space, The Jewel, may have more staying power.

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International walking event heading for the neighborhood

Since January 1 of this year, the national headquarters of the AVA (“America’s Walking Club”) has been right here in the neighborhood, at 1008 South Alamo.

The AVA has 200 clubs across the United States and sponsors over 2,500 annual events. One of the biggest events internationally is headed for San Antonio.

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Hot Joy is sharing a recipe

Chef John Philpot of Hot Joy has a following in the neighborhood, thanks to his creative cuisine and intense flavors. He has shared one of his recipes with us.