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Neighborhood notes

Scribbles is our neighborhood news feature. Once we get rolling, we plan to update it every day. If you've got a news tip, we'd like to hear from you -- just use our contact form to get in touch. We want to know about business openings and closings, new chefs, new features of existing businesses. We're still feeling our way, so let us know what you think.

- Jim Feuerstein

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Book on Jefferson Presidency by Mel Laracey released

Neighbor Mel Laracey, an associate professor of political science at UTSA, has just published "Informing a Nation: The Newspaper Presidency of Thomas Jefferson."

The book, published just a few days ago by the University of Michigan Press, looks at Thomas Jefferson’s use of the newspaper he founded — The National Intelligencer — to get his political message out to the country.

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A lot of new places are coming soon

In spite of the pandemic, there are more than half a dozen new spots in the neighborhood that are close to opening. We're following them, and we've reached out to the owners of most of them for more information. Here's a list of what we're watching.

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We can drink the water again

Updates to the SAWS boil notice map now show Lavaca and King William to be in the clear. We're no longer required to boil water before using it for drinking or cooking.

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SAWS offers map outlining water boiling areas - still in effect here

SAWS released a notice on Saturday that its water boiling notice had been lifted for large parts of San Antonio, but not for the center of the city. Both Lavaca and King William are still under the notice. SAWS also offered a map that residents can use to check the current status of their address.

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H-E-B stores getting closer to normal

The H-E-B South Flores Market was closed on Saturday, but it's scheduled to re-open on Sunday. H-E-B stores across San Antonio are working their way back to normal. According to the H-E-B website, all local stores will be open Sunday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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Chef Rene of Azuca is planning a new tapas restaurant

Chef Rene Fernández is working to open a new tapas, beer, and wine restaurant just up the street from his Azuca Nuevo Latino restaurant on South Alamo.

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AM-Stop Food Mart has resumed regular hours

The small convenience store located at Labor and Leigh has resumed its regular hours after being closed due to a lack of power. The shelves aren't completely stocked yet, due to supply issues and losses of some food due to a lack of refrigeration during the power outages.

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Food is available at some neighborhood spots

If you're running out of food at home, and grocery stores seem likely to be both crowded (with people) and empty (of food), you might try one of the local spots that are opened and doing their best to serve the neighborhood.

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A terrific new wine bar has opened in Hemisfair

Re:Rooted 210 Urban Winery is opening on Thursday in Hemisfair. It's on the northeast corner of The '68 apartment building's first floor retail space.

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New gallery and shop is opening

A new gallery is opening in the small building at 716 South Alamo, formerly occupied by Casa Margarita. The grand opening is scheduled for Friday evening, February 5th, between 5 PM and 9 PM.

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More information on the KW Fair cancellation

Syeira Budd, the Director of the King William Fair, got back to us this afternoon to provide some additional information about the Fair’s cancellation and about a possible alternative event.

There were several considerations that led the board of the King William Association to cancel, Syeira told us.

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No King William Fair in 2021

The City and the Fiesta Commission announced today that the 2021 Fiesta would be moved from April to mid-June, due to coronavirus concerns. Our big neighborhood event -- the King William Fair and Parade -- won't be held at all this year.

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