This post is of no value to anyone

I’ll be totally upfront about it: This post (along with the included video) is of absolutely no value to the neighborhood. Or to anyone else, for that matter.

But technically, the video is about the neighborhood, so I’m going to move forward.

First, it’s about Yanaguana Garden, which we claim as part of the neighborhood. We filmed the video during the Garden’s opening festival; we wanted something we could share with friends and family who don’t have the privilege of living here in San Antonio.

And second, it’s about Jane’s pup, Micky, a long-time resident of the neighborhood. Micky loves parties. Anytime there’s music and a lot of people, he’s there. He has dragged us into bars because they had a live band and an open door. He has pulled us into a neighbor’s yard because they were hosting an outdoor party with loud rock.

And when we take him to a live music event, if it’s up to him, we’ll be the last to leave.

So here it is, the opening festival for Yanaguana Garden.