Lots of neighborhood restaurants are keeping us fed

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Early last week, Lavaca and Friends realized that we had no idea which restaurants were still preparing food for the neighborhood. Nor did we know how to order from them and whether we could get delivery, curbside pickup, or takeout.

So we decided to check and to create a new page on our website to share the information.

Since then, Jane Gennarelli has spoken to owners, managers, and staff at more than forty places. And nearly all of them are still operating. We've got thirty-seven of them listed on our Restaurants page, including neighborhood favorites like Tito's and destination spots like Bliss.

Some offer delivery, some offer takeout, some offer curbside pickup, and some offer a mix of those options.

Some are still serving their usual menu, and others are offering special menus.

Some offer online ordering, and others can take your order by phone.

And a couple of places have even added pantry items to their offerings, so if you need bread, butter, bananas, apples, or a bottle of wine, for example, you can order online from Stella's / Halcyon.

Check out our Restaurants page for a complete list and more information from each regarding ordering and delivery or pickup.