Neighborhood Events


Lavaca and Friends publishes a free weekly newsletter that alerts you to all the arts and entertainment events going on in the neighborhood and the broader downtown area, by which we mean everything from The Pearl to Lone Star. Each newsletter covers more than one hundred events, including art gallery openings, live music, festivals, and theater.

NOTE: Because of COVID-19, many events appearing each week in the newsletter are online, and some of those online events are not local. In-person events are all local, taking place in Downtown and Southtown. Conditions and restrictions change frequently, so be sure to confirm an event before attending. Many venues post COVID safety precautions and attendee requirements on their websites, so check those out in advance.


Check out our latest newsletter for a complete list of events for the period:

Thursday, June 24th through Wednesday, June 30th

And check below for a handful of especially interesting things we've spotted that are happening soon.